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I have moved house several times with one or more cats and I have found that covering the carrier while travelling seems to calm the cats down. Anyways, I certainly hear fewer squeaks and squawks that way. You might also try putting a scoop or 2 of the litter that the kitten was using at the breeders in the litter pan you plan to use, familiar smell and all. Later, when you get home, you can add this to the litter pan you plan to use.

Lastly, I know this sounds strange, but I have used this method for 20 years and have never lost a cat after a move, so here goes. Once you get kitty home and before you let her explore, put some vegetable oil or butter on the tops of her paws, all 4 of them. Not enough to make a mess of your place but enough to make the fur sticky and dirty feeling to kitty. This encourages her to wash and washing is supposed to be a very calming action after a stressful event.
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