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I just use "Today's Posts" at the top of the page. That way I get the latest threads and can check out all of the different forums.

Oooh.....thanks for the tip 14+. I never thought to do that and I'm probably missing a lot of good info !!

Best prevention for lost cats though........keep them indoors always (or under your direct supervision...that's my thoughts on the matter anyway)
This is a pet peeve of mine. My neighbor has a gorgeous kitty who is out all the time. Last week I called to tell her that there was a big fox in the yard and every time we even think that there's the possibility that maybe a bear or coyote might have, almost, could have been in the neighborhood we tell her but they don't seem to care. Same goes for the people up the street who leave their little 10 pound dog outside all day because they have an electric fence and she doesn't leave the property. That fence won't keep predators out !! Poor baby is sooo lonely. If we go by with the dogs she's pathetic for the attention we give her. We've even thought about asking them if we can have her.
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