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Ok, thank you both for your answers on the lawn question!

Aslan, I do have the Earth Bath shampoo which is an "totally natural" dog shampoo from the doggie health store. I was thinking the Johnson & Johnson would be more gentle than the Earth Bath...maybe not?

That is not the technique I am using with Peewee for his barking. He has a dog muzzle. When he barks I put the muzzle on until he is quiet and calm which takes about 5-10 minutes, then I take it off. I did that for a week with no verbal commands. The last week or 10 days I have tried doing this with verbal commands "quiet", then muzzle, wait until he's quiet and calm, then "good boy", then remove muzzle. The muzzling isn't working.

Also, no I don't want him to bark at an intruder. That is what the alarm system is for. My dog (now deceased) that I had from a young puppy was trained not to bark for the most part. She would only bark if you told her to, or sometimes if she saw a dog out the window, but it was always just one big BWOOF!

Peewee requires a lot of training...he is frustrating to work with because he is so high strung, nervous, timid, scared, confused, etc. He has really come a long way in 8 months, but he is SOOOOOO slow to figure things out. One of his biggest issues is that he is not overly personable, and he has no food motivation. I really haven't figured out how to motivate him. He is so self-indulged and worried about the world he couldn't give two bits about someone trying to teach him anything. A "firm NO" doesn't do anything for him, it won't even interrupt his gaze.

Right now he is laying on the floor with his muzzle on, and has been barking for about 5 minutes because someone (who he knows) came in the door. I can't distract him. Food doesn't work, telling him to sit doesn't work, trying to get him to chase his ball doesn't work. It's really quite pathetic because he seems to think that his legs don't work when his muzzle is on. If life were always predictable, and no one ever came in on him, he always went in on others, then he would be a happy dog. He is happier than a pig in poo riding along in the truck. For the most part he has quit barking when people come up to the door of the truck.

I don't know... *sigh*

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