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myka,,yes you can bath weekly(not highly recommended) but if the need is there,,first if you're going to use a human grace shampoo,,ie..johnsons and johnsons,,mix it 1 part shampoo to 5 parts water, even baby shampoo is rough on a dogs skin..if you're concerned with drying the skin,,use a little conditioner after the initial bath,,,let it soak a few minutes, then rinse. Just a word of caution,,when needing info on a topic for your dog ask a person in that field..a dog groomer isn't going to know alot about spay and neuter surgery and a person working in a pet supply store isn't going to know squat about grooming. Safer and easier to ask the right person for your needs.

Yes a females urine will burn the grass,,as TQ said part of it is how close they are to the ground,,,also a females urine is a little more acidic than a males.

I'm not sure you want to totally stop Peewee from barking as he could forwarn you of an intruder..if i'm understanding what your saying,,you use your hand to muzzle him then tell him he's good? So basically your praising him for the initial bark? You need to distract him right away,,get his attention,,,give a firm NO,,don't praise him unless he's calm and quiet. If worse comes to worse you can use a citronella collar but i personally don't like them,,it would be like being sprayed in the face everytime you tried to speak.
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