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Originally Posted by Bluedrake View Post
I'm thinking of switching my cats to raw.

Originally Posted by Bluedrake View Post
Is there anyone in the Ottawa area who feeds raw? I'd like to find suppliers of whole carcasses if possible. Any advice on where to find whole chickens, quails, rabbits and the like?
Scroll down to the Ontario section at this link to get some ideas for meat sources:

Originally Posted by Bluedrake View Post
Is beef okay for a cat? All three of my cats love it, but I'm not sure it's good for them.
If they love it and don't have any kind of reaction to it (can be a common allergen), then I see no problem with feeding beef. Bison is another good one to try (although you'll have to modify the "whole prey" thing when feeding stuff like that, obviously), and as a bonus, bison aren't part of the evil factory farming industry like most cattle are.
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