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I haven't purchased any more raw since then because I didn't know how long I would have Punky. I didn't want to get him used to raw, only for him to have to adjust back to something else (likely kibble) if his old owners took him back. It now appears unlikely that will happen.
I am glad to hear that you will be the new owner of Punky! You sound like a very loving and responsible pet owner And Punky is lucky to have you in his life

Unless I find something at Raining Cats and Dogs that I want to try, I think I will stick with Urban Carnivore for now and add a little raw muscle meat to increase the meat to bone ratio. Which varieties did you use for your cats? I only tried the chicken so far.
I haven't looked into the Urban Carnivore for quite some time so make sure that the right ratio of organs/heart are included in the patties as well. I only tried the chicken while transitioning to raw. But my cats eat all types of meat (rabbit, chicken, beef, venison, lamb, turkey, quail, etc.). When feeding raw you have to aim for 80% meat 10% bone and 10% organs (5% of that needs to be liver).

By the way, transitioning Punky will not be an issue at all. I already know he prefers it to canned.:
Punky sounds like one smart kitty

I have yet to find a vet here who agrees with a raw diet for cats. Have you come across any? If you have you can post here or PM me.
Dr. Standish (Alpine Animal Hospital - he sells Urban Carnivore out of the front of his clinic)

Dr. Stogdale (Aesop's Veterinary Clinic - she does raw food consulting. She does recommend more then just meat bones and organs when you get a diet plan consult but nonetheless she advocates for raw food rather then kibble )
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