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Originally Posted by Besteder View Post
WELL, I just found out that FRISKIES Selects INDOOR canned cat food in the "Classic Chicken Entree" (with Brown Rice & Garden Greens) has not only 7% Protein but only 0.35% Phosphorus and 0.09 Sodium according to the folks at Friskies at the 1-800 ont he can ! AND she LOVES IT.
Again that amount is the as fed value, not the dry matter value for accurate comparison.

If you take the 0.35% as fed phos & convert it to dry matter value based on the amount of listed moisture - the food has 1.59% dry matter phos that is WAY too high for a CRF cat! You want a food that has around 1 - 1.10% or lower, food that is upto 1.20% is okay on a limited basis 1 or 2 meals per week but definately no higher.

You can also check here look under the phos column for a food that is close to or lower than 200-220mg
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