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Thanks, Growler. Punky does love raw steak and absolutely loves chicken so I could likely give him one of the red meat ones for variety. This company doesn't carry turkey, but they do carry duck and quail. I would likely give him more of the chicken than anything.

As I had mentioned, one of my concerns is the bone to meat ratio. This is complicated by the fact that Punky is an indoor/outdoor cat. He has been that way all his life and I can't see being able to change that any time soon. He was in this neighbourhood for many years before I started looking after him but, being neutered, he doesn't go far and even comes when I call his name.

However, because he is outdoors quite a bit when the weather is nice and prefers to do his business outside if he has the choice, I can't monitor his bowel movements very easily and would not necessarily know if he was getting too much bone until things had progressed quite far. I am thinking of erring on the safe side and supplementing with small amounts of muscle meat on a regular basis. Would it make sense to do that?

I also might still give him canned now and then if he is interested (he definitely has a preference for real meat).

Also I did notice a few of what I thought were kind of sharp looking pieces of bone in this product, although they weren't all that large. Is that normal in commercial raw and should I be concerned? I have nothing to compare it to as it is the only commercial raw product I have seen.

Edit: Just discovered the following site. Maybe I better not get the beef if this is what it is like. The bones in the chicken I got definitely weren't that big but a few pieces did look sharp like that. I did pick a few out if I saw them.
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