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Originally Posted by cell View Post
There are toys made of a very heavy fire hose type material that are made to withstand hard chewing, and lots of rubber toys that can withstand a lot too like Cuz style toys.
Yeah, we had the fire hose one once. He wasn't too interested in it, which is why I think it held up better... but it was gone in a couple days after he put his mind to it. Hahah. He's determined to shred... I'm just glad he sticks to toys!!

We've only ever had one mishap... when he was about a year old, he ripped a page out of a textbook belonging to my boyfriend's professor. $150 later, Josh knows to keep important things out of Connor's reach. Hahaha.

As for the rubber ones, he doesn't much like those. The Kongs do okay stuffed with treats, but he gives up when he can't get them out. Hahah. Not as fun as ripping apart a stuffy, apparently!
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