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We took the kitten to the vet first thing this morning (had to pay for it ourselves unfortunately...), and the vet wasn't too optimistic. She thinks the eye may have ruptured and be sealed shut. We are scheduled for a recheck Monday.

She gave me some terramycin finally, and has told me to try that twice per day until Monday.

The kittens energy level is very high today and his URI seems to be much improved, so at least thats good. Unfortunately, the other kittens are starting to develop the conjunctiva as well

Its so difficult to know what to do. We are still paying off our dogs ACL surgery ($3,000+!!) and were only listed as emergency fosters for our shelter. If the bill gets too high, we simply can't afford pay out of pocket for a foster pet when our own pets still have unpaid veterinary costs, and neither can the shelter afford it. We currently have 39 kittens at the shelter that are up for adoption or need foster homes and there simply isn't enough room for them or enough volunteers to foster them. Each of them needs a full complement of shots/vet checkups as well, so spending hundreds on one simply isn't possible. So he may end up losing an eye

Please wish me luck. I wish there was some way this would end happily

Anyone who doesn't have their cat spayed or neutered, please read this post and realize what this can result in. Our tiny shelter in a rural area simply cannot handle an influx of stray kittens this size, and the ones we are getting are not going to be getting the type of care they need because we simply don't have the vlunteer power/monetary budget for it.

Please have your pets fixed.
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