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Definitely see the vet again, and ask for a referral to a specialist if possible. Here is some more info for you:

Mycoplasmal infections usually respond well to topical antibiotics, and Chlamydial infections often also respond, but can recur. However, FHV-1 infections do not respond at all to topical antibiotic therapy, and are very frustrating to treat. Sometimes topical antiviral medications are also used.
Sometimes your doctor may recommend referral to a veterinary ophthalmologist (which is often the case if FHV-1 is suspected to be present) if your cat's eyes are not improving with medication or are worsening.


Herpes infection is extremely common in young kittens especially those facing other stresses (fleas, poor nutrition, environmental cold etc.). Feral kittens, waifs of the streets, outdoor kittens, shelter kittens etc. are all high risk for herpes infection. Young kittens can produce so much ocular discharge that their eyes gum closed sealing the infected secretions around the eye. It is important that the eyelids be opened manually to allow drainage of secretions as well as application of medicine. The swelling of the conjunctivae can be so severe that the eye itself is not visible.
If you can put a warm wet washcloth on the kittens eye it might help to unglue some of the gunk, but I'd be very cautious about trying to pry it open without veterinary help. It could be quite painful to the little guy.
Wash the eyes with warm eye compresses and wipe away any discharges by soaking gauze or a small washcloth in warm water. Colloidal Silver (CS) can be used undiluted in the eyes and nose. Look for concentrations under 50 parts per million (ppm) from a reputable manufacturer e.g. those listed here:
Good luck! I hope he's better soon.
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