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One kitten or 2??

We are debating on getting just one kitten or bringing home 2 (male littermates).

First a little info... We are already a multi-cat home. We have 3 males, Gibson is 10 months old, Demon is almost 2 years old and Louie is 1.5 years old. And our female Lucy that is 5 years old. Everyone is spayed/neutered.

This is where it gets kind of complicated. LOL Demon and Louie have feline herpes and live on the main floor of the house with my parents. Not because they are potentially contagious but Gibson is an instigator and plays very rough which stresses them and causes them to have a URI flare ups. They still all mingle every once in awhile but contact is limited.

Lucy and Gibson live in the rec-room/finished basement. It's more like a seperate apartment but we share the same entrance. lol Gibson is harassing poor Lucy on a daily basis. He's just trying to get her to play but she's having none of it. We tried putting her upstairs with other 2 boys since they leave her alone but she was having none of that either. She would yowl constantly to be let back downstairs.

Hence the kitten idea. It would give Gibson a playmate.. but at the same time I'm worried he's going to focus all his attention on the kitten and pester it instead. Then hubby mentioned 2 kittens. Divide his focus so to speak. But would it work or am I crazy for even thinking about it? LOL
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