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Weird "Episodes"

I have a vet appointment for Keely tomorrow, but I figured I would post about this in the meantime. I'm a little concerned.

First when we got Keely, she would do this weird thing sometimes where it was almost like her front paw/arm got stuck behind her head. It didn't seem like anything really, except that she couldn't get up. In a few seconds, she would be fine again - but perhaps a bit more wobbly than usual. We assumed it was just part of her learning to walk, controling her legs, arms, and whatever. She was very young when we got her, as I'm sure some of you know already. Just shy of six weeks.

It seemed that, within a few days, she had pretty much "grown" out of this. Although I did notice it happen a few times - once when Connor (my other dog) gave her a good warning bark & once when I switched on the TV and it was really loud for some reason. So then I was thinking she did it when she got scared or startled. I mean, it's kind of like she's hiding her head under her paws and then one gets stuck.

Yesterday, she did a poop on her puppy pad. Then backed up a little. I think maybe her bum hit her food dish, but can't be sure. I was watching her when it happened. She had one of these little "episodes" again.

It literally lasts less than 30 seconds, then afterwards she is fine. Though it does seem like it shakes her up a bit. Yesterday when it happened, I immediately got a treat and put it near her. She seemed to sniff at it, despite the episode, so I am hesitant to think it's a seizure. Though, of course, that's what I'm worried about.

I am bringing her to the vet tomorrow. I tried to get an appointment for today, but they couldn't fit me in. Any ideas?

She seems perfectly healthy & happy otherwise. Eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing like normal.
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