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thanks chico! but remember, its temporary, im gonna vaccinate her, spay her, then look for an shelter for her. i cant keep her forever :/ i dont want to keep her stranded with me either, i want to do all the above quickly and let her be as much as she can at a shelter with other cats hopefully. or witha friend who likes cats.

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I too have been following your thread
lol im getting the notion that a few people are

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Hi Abe, you're getting Kiko back!.......gr8! I'm glad to hear your mom agreed with that. Woohoo! Thanks for your comments a few posts back, I felt that I had expressed exasperation with you a few times and the way I said things wasn't as gentle as I could be, so I hope you'll forgive me for that.....I guess I'm from the "Dr. Phil" school---I tell it like it is.

yes i noticed it to but quickly over-looked it

Don't feel "envious" that Kiko slept on your friend right away. Young kitties don't have much loyalty. Kitties if well socialized to trust people (and you taught her well!) will transfer their affection quickly to a new owner. Think of it as a compliment to your training and handling. Kiko was on her best behaviour, being nice nice to him as she wasn't absolutely sure how he would react with her, but I'm sure in a few days she would probably be jumping on his face too while he's sleeping, as I think she's a very bouncy rambunctious kitty now until she grows out of her "wild" stage.

thats awsome, that means i've been doing a good job! but the funny thing is, she has her... well... "transformation" stage, where she goes froma cuddly nice kittie to what you could call "Destructo" lol. she goes really crazy and fiesty. many times my friend on the phone with me goes "man shes goin off again" haha

Give your mom and Kiko a big hug from me. So happy you'll be getting her back.

no problem. the funny thing is, my mom's been in my room too many times even after expressing that she doesnt want the cat around lol, which makes no sense to me. she says when she goes into my room the cat just watches.

Sorry to hear about your hot hot weather....Toronto area is coolish with rain forecast.
yeah, even with full blast the airconditioner isnt helpful. but then again, i drive peaugeot(sp.?) which isnt as strong as most cars. not my car either. but im grateful for what i have.


turns out, my friends mom aggreed to him keeping the cat, but he had to keep it in his room and take care for it himself.

anyhow, this is good, i mean its in good hands now. i only gave it to him after her promised to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and deworm her.

so yeah, this is great, though i really do wish i could keep her. im still attached, even though (like catlover said) she's basically switched over to him.

all's left now is to look forward to that rottweiler
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