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Abe i have been following your thread from the start even tho until now i haven't posted. I really do hope that you stick around, not only to learn what you can but to teach some of us a thing or two. On this forum you really do have access to some of the best kittie people there is, but like everyone else they had to learn it first. The way i look at it, Kiko and Sew sew are a little better off than they were before you stepped in to help and continue to help. With limited knowledge and finances you stepped up to help them in their time of need, alot of people wouldn't have.

Read all the info the members have to give you,,take what you can use and throw the rest away. Being in a different country with things we're used to having here being unavailable to you makes it abit of a challenge i'm sure. As for being different from us,pffft. We have members from many different countries and cultures here, sometimes it takes abit for us to get what the person is saying but please don't think we're judging you.
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