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hey everyonne, once again, im very much appreciative of your warm-heartedness.

anyhow. im sorry for being unclear. but i will copy paste to you what animal friends said to me when they replied to my email:

"We are still rebuilding after a devastating fire and are unable to acceptany animals at this time.


they didnt reply to my question on whether or not i can volunteer at the shelter or the rebuilding.

so, yeah....


i convinced my mom to let her stay in the courtyard.
she was reluctant but all it took was a simple "you and i both know if you be patient and keep her here and help her out, god will help you out in another way.....right?"
moma: *nods*


before i let her go or anything, im gonna spay vaccinate her ofcourse. i think vaccinating her is best for now, and deworming her, THEN spaying her when shes older.

two reasons:


well actually, thats it lol. but i think priority wise, vaccinating her and deworming her come first.

forgive me for being unclear at times. my mind kinda goes too fast for when i type, and i find myself sounding like i've been in canada for one year (meaning you cant get past my accent.)
theres some stuff that make me wonder how i came to write it lol.

anyhow, im just gonna have to wait till tomorrow or so to take her back.

but i am very envious of my friend, he said as soon as he got under the covers, she jumped into the covers too and slept on his chest and purred a lot.

how come she didnt do that with me?
i understand cats are pickey, but i hate it when that happends lol.
i mean its pouncing on my face all the time when i sleep, and it just goes and sleeps with him right away.

ah well, im just being a crybaby lol.

but i do think, that all that happened because she got used to it with me, sleeping behind me on my bed while im on my pc made sleeping next to his laptop and watching him type while hes on it comforting for her. stuff like that.

i warned him to put a litter box quick or else it'll use the washroom on someplace she finds comfrotable, like his clothes, carpet, or even bed.

guess what? she peed on his bed LOL.
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