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two year old golden retriever

Originally Posted by kjjboy View Post
My sweet little 2 year old BOXER started doing the head shaking thing exactly as it has been described on here. i can't really relate it to any medications or anything. She did it only for the second time today and it was a few hours after i put a flea spray on her. For both instances that she has had the head-shakes, she had just gotten out of bed or was still in bed. She curles up in a ball and boxers and bulls (which seems to be the ones this is affecting) have large necks...has anyone considered that maybe it is a muscular thing? like a spasm?
Hi, I read this thread because my two year old golden retriever just started doing the same thing yesterday and today again. Both times while lying on her back getting petted. she is very slight for a bigger dog, not very strong so I don't know about bull dogs but if it s the same thing she doesn't have a thick neck. I am very concerned and scared it may be the start of something serious.
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