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when i ment by i dont fit in, i ment the "how long is too long?" thread.

im not the type to dwell, and with what happaned then, im still not dwelling. just kinda got the notion of what the mentality here was.

its a number of things, not just what was posted. call me crazy (lol) but its got to do with reading between the lines and such.
if you see what i ment, you seen what i ment, if you havent, you havent.

and no i dont mean i have a grudge or hard-feelings towards 14+

dont bother with trying to get down to the bottom of it. its more of a learning experience in my eyes.

catlover you said : we were just trying to help you and save you some pitfalls, heartache and $$$.

it has nothing to do with you. you and the other people who have stuck with me on this forum are (as they say in arabic) ontop of my head!

means i place you so high with respect i put you ontop of my head. may sound reaaaaaaaaaally cheesey in your culture, but hey! some english stuff sound silly in arabic too!


i contacted animal friends, to see if i can give kiko to animal friends (Yes thats what i ment lol) AND to see if i can volunteer.

about a couple of months ago they had a devastating fire. they are still rebuilding from it. since they run purely on donations (i think) they dont have as up-to-date amazingness( i say amazingness because i dont know what they have but i know they dont have as much) as the shelters outside of the arabian gulf do. so they are still rebuilding. i asked if i can help rebuild and yeah...........

im stumped.

my friends mom doesnt want cats. so he has to give her up aaaaaaaagh.

im taking her tomorrow. but i almost dont want to even see her. because i dont want to get attached or w.e. kind of what i did with buddy, buried my feelings till i remembered what it was like to have him for the short time he was with me.

my room is so empty now.


thanks for the great positivity! very appreciative of your presence in this thread

my mom did have a soft spot for kiko because she could see i had a soft spot for kiko. shes the type that would be like "no i dont want a dog!" and then after seeing how happy i am, it causes her to accept it.

ps: so hooooot today. had the airconditioning on full blast and i was still melting.
i mean, its so hot, you can see heat waves froma distance of 12-15 metres!!!!!!!! i miss

pps: my name is Ibrahim. you can call me
Abe if you want.
"For those whom Islam has embraced, the greatest witness to God's unremitting, pursuing, sustaining, and guiding love is the Qu'ran. Like a vast magnificent ocean, it lures you deeper and deeper into its dazzling waves until you are swept into it. But instead of drowning in a sea of darkness, as described above, you find yourself immersed in an ocean of divine light and mercy." - Dr.Jeffrey Lang
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