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thanks guys for the wonderful feed back.

i gave kiko to a close friend of mine that i've known for a very long time since my days in nova scotia.

im gonna try and contact animal friends and see what the deal is.

kinda felt like my room was empty today when i walked in. really sucks.

i asked my mom about allergy pills, and she said they dont work. please dont think of my mom as an old slouch who just wants to ruin my life.

she feels bad, i came back home and she said "i walked into your room today and was wondering that little cutie pie went."

and i said "some women kicked her out of the house!" and she gave me an im sorry kinda look and a hug.

she knows i love animals, just that she cant handle it. shes not allergic to the cat, shes allergic to other things, but any animals in the viccinity make the allergies significantly stronger.

anyhow, kiko responds to my voice before anyone else, i learned a lot with her. really miss her. shes kind of confused but i told my friend to give her a shirt that smelled like him to calm her down. told him what to do. told him to associate "good girl" with good things. and "no" or "stop" with bad things.

anyhow, this reminds me of buddy, i had to let him go too

i will keep skimming through here but not really play a role in posting. maybe if i get another animal.

dont really fit in here. just too different. wrong ideas really falter with your respect.

anyhow, thanks a lot guys, really really really really appreciate your help. i will never stop loving animals! might even put a fish tank :P
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