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SSS, I'm sooo very sorry to hear this turn of events with your Mom wanting you to get rid of Kiko. Sometimes if a cat is bathed once a week or maybe more, it is enough to get rid of the dander or saliva that causes the allergy, in fact there is Allerpet (available from most vets or pet stores) which is supposed to reduce the allergen that affects people.

Kittens can get used to being bathed, and some even come to enjoy it. People that show cats e.g. Persians, bathe them every week and before every show. So I'm wondering if you tried this for a couple of weeks to see if it made any difference with your Mom. I don't suppose your Mom would be keen to get allergy shots? But she might be helped with a room air purifier especially for her bedroom.

Some suggestions:

If none of these work, here's another thought....if you get Kiko accepted by the Animal Friends League or Paws Kuwait, you might consider being a volunteer. Then you could get your "kitten fix" helping socialize and take care of kittens and cats and gain valuable experience, and help out a worthwhile organization. Something to think about, SSS?

I think you got really attached to Kiko and she to you, and it's going to be a real wrench to let her go. I think you learned quite a lot in a short time what's involved in responsible pet ownership. SSS, All the very best to you in whatever you do. Hope you'll keep us updated.
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