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SSS, what a terrible turn of events. I am so sorry that it has come to this. You were doing a wonderful job with Kiko and you were learning more every day. If you are unable to keep her yourself, I agree that the Animal Friends League is the best place to take her. You would have to contact them by telephone or email to make arrangements. There may be some kind of waiting period before they will be able to take her in so you may still have her for a little while longer. Once she gets in there, she will be well taken care of until they are able to find a suitable family to adopt her.

I do wish there was another way. I had hoped that, because Kiko was in a different part of the house than your mother, she would not be affected much, if at all, by Kiko being there. Maybe I am grasping at straws, but is there a possiblility that something else is aggravating your mother's allergies right now? People who suffer from allergies are usually allergic to a number of different things. As Chico said, there are actually quite a number of people on this board who are allergic to cats yet still are able to keep some (often several) cats as pets. Some of them find it works to take medications such as antihistamines as needed and others have even found that they become desensitized over time and their allergies no longer bother them. I do recognize that every case is differ, however.

Please keep us up to date on what is happening and when and if Kiko goes to the shelter.
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