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This is the exact area I live, the park that people were being interviewed in is just up the road from us. There is a skunk that lives near us and we see him in the back alley and at the park behind our house.
Leo and I have seen the skunk(s) several times on our evening walks and it's amusing and harmless, I've even nick named it "the garbage skunk"
We smell spray maybe once a month.

I find weird food outside all the time and am always paranoid about things Leo picks up, usually its chicken bones, but stuff like bread and steak (I actually pulled a huge chunk of steak from Leo's mouth at the park) left laying outside gets me particularly leery considering the stories of poisonings that I have read on here.

I really hope the SPCA gets to the bottom of this one and I hope other people don't see this report and decide it's a smart idea and lay out more junk to try and kill urban wildlife.
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