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SSSteve,I actually think you should try to catch the mother and her babies,if you can.
If the mother is skinny and starving,she more than likely has no milk for her babies
She would probably be happy to feel safe and secure in your courtyard,being fed every day.
That does not mean you are going to end up with six cats,but you would save the life of mama and her babies.
If you were here,of course they could all go to a shelter,but you are in Kuwait,where a mama cat and her kittens probably would be more of a nuisance and not worth saving.
I could definitely be wrong,but maybe if you put the kittens in a carrier the mother would follow???

As for Kiko,like the others have said,absolutely no declawing,I could think of not many worse things you could do to a cat and little Kiko certainly deserves better,right
I am thinking,you,like so many other people don't really know what declawing means,but it truly is an awful,cruel thing to do.
As she gets older and not as wild as a little kitten,her claws will not bother you at all,my 3 cats have their claws,if I would find the need to remove part of their toes,I would not have cats at all.
Anyway Steve,I love how a young man like you are concerned about cats in distress and want to help,hopefully you will be able to help mama cat,every little life on the earth is important
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
3 kitties,Rocky(r.i.p my boy),Chico,Vinnie
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