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Originally Posted by ancientgirl View Post
Until the laws step up and punish these people the way they should be punished, sadly things like this will continue to happen. A slap on the wrist doesn't deter people that would do these things. they will just do it again.
Our animal cruelty laws are a joke. I remember talking to a police officer when I was out on a call once. She mentioned that she charged this guy with animal cruelty. He had locked a cat in a tool box and threw it in his trunk and went to work. He was bragging about it at work, and someone called the police. Police showed up, found cat, barely alive. Guy came out and said he wanted to teach it a lesson, cause it was peeing all over the house. Police took him to court, she wanted a life time ban on animals for this guy. Judge called the case an isolated case and he got off free. Police said he walked out of the court smirking at her. She also said that she as heard that this was not the first time he commited acts of cruely on cats.

Our laws say exactly what we think/feel about animals.

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