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I understand things are different in a country like Kuwait where dogs may be considered "unclean" for religious reasons so may be treated a lot differently than in this country. But to say there are no kittens available for adoption is not true. There are rescue kittens to adopt in Kuwait that have been neutered/spayed, shots, vetted (Donation is $30KD for males, $40KD females mixed breed cats). This would be less expensive than getting one "off the street" and having to pay for all the expenses yourself. Hope you consider that.

Check out the following kittens: Zita, Gary , Valentine, Nala or Soda. Any one of these could be a suitable playmate for Kiko.

What I don't understand is why if you caught the momacat that you would not get her spayed? or just let her go free again after she raised the kittens? None of that makes any sense to me at all! Sorry, but maybe I will have to "call you crazy"? I give up.
"We humans are indeed fortunate if we happen to be chosen to be owned by a cat." -- Anonymous

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