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i used to feel horrible about clipping sew sew's claws when he came accross other cats, it felt like i took half of his protection. i wouldnt have declawed a cat if i was gonnaend up leave it outdoors. but that was before i knew that they cut off their toes thats sad.

i guess ill just keep trimming kiko's nails.

i figured by the time they get old enough to be seperated, i would have kiko spayed/neutered/vaccinated/dewormed etc..etc...

i guess ill only take one other cat for now, and later on when i have more leverage i guess i can take one in, thats how it works right?

im getting too ahead of myself i g lol. but i want kiko to have a playmate. so i guess ill take the orange one, and if i can (i dont know if i will) spay the mother cat.

the thing is, i wanted to earn the trust of the babies, which means i would need the mother around. otherwise it would be difficult to catch them alone, and plus i wanted to take advantage of their age and get them used to human contact, living in a house, etc..etc...

catlover it just doesnt work like that over here
if the cats over populate the area, and many complaints are issued, THEN the authorities come and either relocate or just put them to sleep.

theres dogs around here that are shot because they are a hazard to the people.the government issues a dispatch to certain squads to go and shoot the dogs with proper weapons and such. not like they take shotguns or hand guns and brutally take it down(felt the need to say that).

as much as i love dogs, i cant dissagree. since dogs are pack animals, and very territorial, so if a human walks by they could just attack in a flash, i've heard many stories from friends about being near the desert and having dogs attack. i think catching them and putting them to sleep is better, but i really have no control over how they take care of it.

anyhow, i went a little off topic.

if i were to call a shelter or rescue group and ask for someone to come pick up the cat, i wouldnt get anyone to come and pick up the cat.

i'd have to take the mother cat there, and i dont even know where the area is.

: When you have done that, then think about saving a rescue kitten for a friend for Kiko that's already looking for a home that has already has been vetted, shots and spayed.

as much as i hate to say it, doesnt work that way either. its not as often as it is in canada tthat you come accross someone with kittens that have had their medical checkup and whatnot, or even their mother for that matter. its more like "this cat down the street just gave birth to babies" or "a cat gave birth right outside our house"

i respect your opinions though, thanks guys.

ill keep you updated.
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