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Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve View Post
anyhow, im not gonna let kiko come in contact with any of the other cats until i take the mother away, so they would be seperated. and by the time i can take the mother away, i would have vaccinated kiko, declawed her, and dewormed her aswell. possibly even ask for hair shedding pills or something of that sort.
I know this is getting a bit away from the current issue which is "what to do about stray mama cat and her babies" but I just noticed the "declawed" part and really felt the need to mention it now. Please think long and hard before having this done to Kiko. Unfortunately declawing (amputation of the last joint of the cat's toes) is still allowed in many countries but thankfully more and more countries are recognizing this as a cruel and inhumane practice and are banning it. Declawing is misleading word because it can lead one to believe that only the claws are removed. Unfortunately this is not the case.
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