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Low in Phosphorus

Hello all

Recently joined after searching the internet for good low phosphorus grain free wet food for my 14.7 year old male cat who has recently been diagnosed with CRF.

For a long while now he has been eating Evo Canned Turkey Chicken product. He loves it - but - sadly upon my last visit to the local pet food store I was informed that Evo (among other brands) had been recently purchased by Proctor and Gamble. Food is being discontinued there due to P&G's animal testing practices. I also, will not support them soo - I am now on a mission to find another brand he likes and is good for his struggling kidneys.

a bit of info re: his levels:

Creatinine: 3.8
BUN: 44

urine very dilute and he is slightly dehydrated.
Potassium is on the "lower end" of normal. (I did not get an exact number)

I have yet to try the rx diet that I will be getting from the vet's office but, doing research I'm finding many of those foods have grain and his stomach does not tolerate grain.

I slowly started introducing him to Instinct by Nature's Variety and he seems to be warming up to this. Phosphorus seems to be pretty low: 0.307%

Anyone else out here have a suggestion?

I may try the raw food but he is such a picky eater that I don't want to mess with his preferences.


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