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Your heart is definitely in the right place, SSS. However, I hope that in your eagerness you are not biting off more than you can chew. Permanently taking on an additional three kittens who are going to become cats is a big responsibility. From what you have said you are a young man with limited funds who is working and trying to save money for your education. You will be taking on the responsibility for the care, feeding, and vetting of four kitties instead of just one, not to mention doing what is best to help the mother. Pet ownership is a long term responsibility. (Barring serious illness or injury, a cat can live for 15 to 20 years, even longer in rare cases).

Another alternative would be to find "good" homes for two of the kittens and keep just one as a companion for Kiko. But before you can do any of that you would need to catch the mother as well as the kittens, which might not be an easy task. Catching a cat that is afraid and doesn't want to be caught can be extremely difficult and if you don't have a proper cage or trap to lure her into, she could put up a big fight and cause a lot of damage to you with her claws and teeth. I would strongly advise against giving the mother anything to sedate her. As cpietra16 said, that would be very risky to her health and might even cause her death.

Do you have any animal rescues close enough to you that might be able to offer some help or advise or perhaps lend out a trap? I found the following website for a rescue in Kuwait:


EDIT: Oops, upon looking further, it appears I am mistaken about the above shelter/rescue being located in Kuwait. Sorry, the link to it mentioned Kuwait but it looks like it is part of the United Arab Emirates. I don't know my geography of your part of the world very well. In any case, maybe there are some other rescues/shelters in your area that may be able to help or advise you. Some may have TNR (trap, neuter, release) programs as the above one does. For the wellbeing of the mother she should be vet checked and spayed before being released back to where she was found, if that's what you do. Otherwise she will be back in the same situation in a few months trying to feed yet another litter of homeless kittens. A rescue or shelter that has a TNR program might do this free of charge. Also, if the mother turns out to be not so feral (adoptable) a rescue might be able to assist in finding her a home as well.

Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve View Post
anyhow, im not gonna let kiko come in contact with any of the other cats until i take the mother away, so they would be seperated. and by the time i can take the mother away, i would have vaccinated kiko, declawed her, and dewormed her as well. possibly even ask for hair shedding pills or something of that sort.
I hope you are not forgetting about the importance of also having Kiko spayed as soon as she is old enough as well as spaying or neutering any other kittens that you choose to keep. Otherwise four kittens would very quickly become several dozen.

Anyway, these are some of my thoughts. I'm sure catlover2 or MyBirdIsEvil or some of the others will be on later to give you some more helpful advice and suggestions.
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