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call me crazy...

ok, so accross the street from where i work is a local mosque.

this mosque has windows. on the outside of the windows, is a concrete desgin, to kinda let light in, but keep the window shady at the same time. now between the glass and concrete is an empty window ledge.

anyhow, on this ledge, lies an emaciated mother cat, with three kittens. one is the regular orange with stripes, its got blue eyes. another is the regular grey one, with silver-ish eyes. the third is a calico just like they're mother.

now, the mother comes to me for food, i've been feeding it for the past couple of days.

i've got kiko under control, and shes basically gonna move iin with me full time once i figure out how/where to put its litter box in my washroom and how to put its food in my room.

anyhow. the room outside that kiko used to stay in (she doesnt anymore) is where i would like to keep this mother and her little babies.

why ? you might ask.
well i want the babies. shes got little to no food on a good day. shes emaciated, and not to mention an emotional wreck. its extremely hot, the window ledge is small, the room i have is spacious, has a window, and a door, so its much more safe.

i want to let her stay in the room with her babies, until they are old enough to be taken away, and then i can take her back to where she was before.

i repeat, i WANT to take her. meaning im not going to yet, i want to know if its fine, like is it healthy psychologically for her if i went and took her and changed her location temporarily.

the problem would be catching her. i could easily get her babies (who are around 1 month old each), but her getting caught is hard. is there anyway i can sedate her with food or something?

anyhow, thats something thats been on my mind. kiko is doing great, i've clipped her nails, so shes not tearing my hand to shreds anymore.

anyhow, im not gonna let kiko come in contact with any of the other cats until i take the mother away, so they would be seperated. and by the time i can take the mother away, i would have vaccinated kiko, declawed her, and dewormed her aswell. possibly even ask for hair shedding pills or something of that sort.

anyhow, so yeah, thats that. what are your opinions, suggestions, adivce etc.. etc.. ?
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