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Originally Posted by catlover2 View Post
I can venture a guess as to why Gizzy scratches in a more excessive way perhaps more than most DSH/DLH at the inside of his box and around the outside of it on the floor near his dishes. This is an instinctive behavior with most wild cats to bury their uneaten kill or feces, whereas spraying is territorial marking. Being a part Bengal half of Gizzy's genes aren't very many generations removed from the Asian Leopard cat which is one of their ancestors, so maybe it's a little more "wild" behaviour he's showing.

As far as dragging the blankets in his cage, probably just something to do out of boredom. Since he likes rearranging his bed and other stuff, just let him do it, but I definitely wouldn't leave a wet towel in the cage bottom (for 2 weeks?). You might try him with different things to play with. e.g. cardboard egg carton so he doesn't get bored with the same "toys". This is going to be a challenge because Bengals are active, curious, busy cats, so he's inherited some of those traits.
Interesting theory, makes total sense, and maybe because he is in an enclosed area he would think do to do that, cuz when he has free roam he never does it around his food or litter box, just the sides of the inside of the box.

Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
I have probably four or five cats that scratch the sides of the boxes instead of the litter to cover their stuff. I think it's amusing. Yes, they scratch a lot on the sides of the boxes. Oh well, they are kitties. Sometimes cats do things we mere mortals can't figure out. Maybe he is leaving the scent from the glands on his paws on the side of the box, therefore claiming the box as his, not Forests'.
When he first started doing it, my bf thought he was playing in there and would tell him to stop and then I found out he just doesn't like it on his paws, sometimes he even scratches the roof I think it's cute! If it was Gizzy trying to claim a box, Forest just doesn't care lol so his efforts are kinda futile.

Originally Posted by Winston View Post
My boy Bomber has always banged his paws on the litter box and its like he hates his paws to be dirty...cant offer and better advice than everyone has given but just wanted to say good luck with Gizzy...
Ya that's what I thought concerning the box, showing his "dainty" side that he doesn't like his paws being dirty

Anyways, just want to thank everyone for their advice, it really does help!

Gizzy will be 3 tomorrow! The first time I have been home to be able to do something for him, but I don't know what.
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