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One question do you still sleep with your dog if you do stop it. All you need to do is get a crate. If you have a crate good, use it. How often does your dog need to go pee if you dont know check your dog. For example, if your dog pees about every 30 min then take her outside every 3o min so she can pee. If she pees inside your house you will need to put her in the crate until she learns her lesson. If you go to Petco you will need to buy a pad. A pad is where the dog can go to pee and poo on. It just like a mat. Put that pad in your bedroom so she knows. If she pees in your room tell her "bad girl" and then you show her where to pee which is the pad. You will know if dogs are going to pee because they spin or twirl first if they need to go pee or poo. If she poos do the same thing say "bad girl" but you carry the poo and put it on the pad so next time she knows where to pee or poo. If she poos it will be easier her to find out where the pad is for the first time before she starts peeing or pooing in your bedroom. If she pees or poos in your bedroom and you think she was trained put her in the crate. Oh ya about you sleeping with your dog, dont sleep with your dog.When you go to sleep put her in the crate. If she whines tell just ignore her. After about 2 or 3 min she will stop whining and fall asleep. Make sure water is in the crate or else she will get dehydrated. It takes time. If that dosen't work tell me.
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