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I don't say pain in the ass every time, just pita, like the bread, and it's not to be mean, really.

He has lots of toys, but the way he moves everything around I don't know where to put them, I don't want it to be too crowded to the point where he just won't move from the bed. I am in the process of trying to order a hammock for him so he has a high up place to sleep in case he spills water all over the pan. I am thinking of putting the scratching post I got him a couple months ago in there between the bed and the litter box, attached below.

I had smelled the towel inadvertedly and it smelled like pee/spray. The dragging things through the bars has only been happening the last few days. In the beginning, I put a blanket covering the top and side and another blanket for the doorway so he had privacy. But then he began dragging the corners of the blankets inside the cage, I don't even know why. So I took the blankets off so he would stop that and because the blankets were keeping the smell of the litter box contained in there so we needed to let it air out.

I'm attaching a few pix of the crate for help in determining space issues.
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