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Originally Posted by catlover2 View Post
Aaah...Gizzy looks very content on his beautiful plushy bed. See he's a paper shredder...."hey mom, gotta do something when you're not home!" Have you tried giving him a small size Kong toy, with a few treats in it before you and bf leave? That will keep him busy for while trying to get them out.

The important thing is....has this arrangement stopped his spraying when you are at home and he's out of his crate?
Thank god I bought one that was washable! Forest has been having some puking episodes lately and I was a little late in getting him to the kitchen so when I whirled him there he puked in a circle (most of it went in the kitchen) and went thru the bars of Gizzy's cage onto his bed.

Anyways, the story of how the paper towels got shredded: Gizzy (aka PITA) spilt almost all the water in his bowl and a big puddle was formed on the carpet, so before I left for school I left some paper towels to sop it up and put the cleaner bottle on top so it would stay. Then I came home to the above mess shown. I did have a towel laying on the bottom of the pan for about 2 weeks but when I had to wash PITA's bed I decided to wash the towel too, and when I pulled it out it was all yellowish. So to answer your question about the spraying, I think he has stopped all spraying OUTSIDE of the crate, but spraying his bed 99% sure cuz it's "close" to forest, but why would he spray (or pee?) on the towel??

Also another question, ever since we got PITA he has always scratched the inside of the litter box, and I've read that it's because he doesn't like the litter on his feet, every brand of litter we've bought he does this so he must be a "dainty" cat lol. But since he's been in the cage, he still does it in his box and then when he gets out he scratches around his food bowls, his bed, and even the bars of the cage. I've heard of some cats scratching/pawing around their food bowls before eating but not after using the litter box. Do you know why this is?

And he also moves his bed no matter where I put it so I think I've just given up trying to keep it away from his litter box, cuz he keeps sliding it closer to it. He must like being a stinky PITA.

I'll be on the lookout for a Kitty Kong toy for him.

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