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Help!! Dog can't sleep due to constant itching

Hello all,

I have a 10 month old cockapoo. He developed this itch and its preventing him from sleeping properly. Hes constantly itching his neck, ears and the side of his body. I gave him OTC Flea drops yesterday morning and the Vet said that it might be cause by the drops but why didn'the itching start until the night of..also, the vet said his ears were infected and that might be causing the itching as well. Strangely,I recall that the itching happened after we gave him his monthly heart worm pill (Sentinel). However, never had that reaction before. Anyways, I gonna go see the vet again this afternoon and hopefully he'll give me reason as to the cause of the itch. In the mean time, can anyone suggest something to relief his itch. Thanks in Advance
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