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I know the road this happened on. I don't know exactly where it happened but the speed limit is 60 kph with a few sections where it is 70 kph. The road is narrow, hilly and curving in places and some areas are quite bushy and treed right up to the edge of the road. In places there are signs to warn of hidden driveways and intersections precisely because it is so hard to see ahead of you. It's our favourite drive to my Aunt's nursing home. There are no subdivisions along the road but there are estate lots and some strips of housing.

I can see how it would be easy to hit something on this road if it ran out within your stopping distance, or even beyond, and you had yet to crest a hill or round a curve and were going the speed limit. You might not be able to stop in time. You might not be able to swerve either due to oncoming traffic or the lake or the steep hill.

I do not see people driving at excessive speed on this road as it is a road where you need your wits about you. Wiping out in one spot might put you into a deep tarn lake or over the side of a steep hill. Of course half the drivers are stuck behind me as I'm one of those weirdos who tends to obey the speed limit.

However, I can certainly imagine that drivers returning home from work might speed on a road they probably drive every day and know better than me. The newspaper article says the owner had just returned home from work so one would suppose she would know that. Of course she might not work regular hours.

It was perhaps unfair of me to post this without stating my position but it is: I can't see how the dog owner is not responsible for the damages. Police and witnesses were at the scene and it all seems to have been thouroughly documented. Poor, poor Jake. And his family, they no doubt loved their dog but made a horrible, unthinking, mistaken decision.
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