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Personally, I wouldn't use the crate for a time out. Not only because you want to teach the pup it's the safest place in the world, but because you have to physically interact with her after your yelp. You can't ignore if you have to handle her.

Can you place baby gates up to prevent the pup from following you? The best method that's worked here with pups is a yelp, look immediately away (head up and in opposite direction of puppy), and instantly remove yourself from the room for 2-3 minutes maximum, leaving the pup behind (walk over the gate, close the door behind you, etc). We've had quite a few ankle chewers here but with time and patience, the problem was nipped in the butt .

Originally Posted by sandsmom View Post
They start doing it to each other but now reading this just lets me know thats the only way they can learn.
If one of them gets too rough and doesn't back away from the other pup when a yelp is heard, distract the puppies and give them a break. It's not the "only" way they can learn but having another pup to play with will help. More importantly, the puppies need other puppies/dogs outside of their litters to socialize with. Early socialization classes are the safest way to accomplish this.

I keep dropping this link everywhere but it's because it's truly invaluable for all new puppy guardians. Take your time to read through it carefully.
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