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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
2sheltiesmom, lovely dogs you have there. I am envious of the coat on your tricolour, dogs from colder countries often have better coats than we do here, and the shaded sable's ears are so well tipped over. I had a real battle getting ears right for showing so was glad when I retired the dogs and could let those ears do their own thing. LOL.
Thanks Goldfields, I think you are the first person to recognize my Sophie as a "Shaded Sable"! Bobby and his thick coat, OMG, when I had a good groomer I had to pay extra for him, right now I'm doing it myself which is a real work-out for both of us! He has a lot of nicknames, Bo, Bodhi, Baboo etc. He started out as Lovebug as he was 3.1 lbs. when I brought him home at 10 wks.
Trying to be the person my dogs think I am.
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