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Does anyone know of a good cat psychologist...ASAP

...Antonio needs help.
Pictures may follow if he can get the courage to walk into the "KItten" room...or in his mind " the room that changed my life"

The Tale of a cat who lost his identity....

For those who do not know Antonio; he is a man's man..he was named after Antonio Banderas because female kitties follow him , googoo gaagaa over him ( except for Tess)...he walks up to a female cat and say's ...ello ladies, I am Antonio Banderas, and I am here to pleasure you...ask me anything and I will do it....( insert accent).

...He is a lady's man.....until this morning. I warned him. He wanted to woo the mommy cat who I just got from the refinery. Now keep in mind she is a single mom with six kittens..her man ( or men) no where to be found!!! She is not always perky.

Well this morning Antonio went into the room and did what he always does...
" Ello, pretty name is..." there was a movement...he looked around and yes there it was a fresh plate of food. (the only thing that will get his attention away from females)..

He excused himself, and went to the she warned him...she was not in the mood to be with a man and more importantly...that was her food!!!

Antonio, did not care...he went straight for the dish..
Mommy cat was too tired to fight so she looked at me and winked ( ok so I have an imagination)...she was trying to say...don't worry he will leave very quickly....very soon.

No sooner did she say that; six little kittens came out of hiding and went straight for Antonio, the unexpecting male....

Well these little ones just woke up and were a little sleepy so they sort of didn't realise that he was not their mother...Antonio was too busy to care about these little things around they did what they always do in the morning...

while Antonio was chowing down...they went seeking for nipples...thats right they wanted their milk and so they started searching and biting looking for these little nipples that should have been there....but where did they go?

At first bite, Antonio yelped and took off while a little kitten was still hanging from his "nipple".

So now Antonio is confused and freaked out. Is he male or is he female...why would they think he had milk...what were those little moving objects that hung from his manly chest....
Antonio is still in hiding trying to find answers to what just I think he will definately need help....very soon

Tess, is still laughing her little feline heart out....
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