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Originally Posted by macnunu View Post
Thank you xD their cuteness belies their naughtiness!
That photo was the scene we came home to on their first free run day at home while we were at work. It looks like they are protesting xD
The rescue centre is concerned that they're too young to be eating raw and might end up choking on bones etc.
I've been giving them bits of raw chicken meat, salmon, and cooked prawns about once a day. The grey one gobbles it up and will growl as she's eating, but the calico one doesn't seem to care much for raw.
I read somewhere that ground meat loses much of its valuable taurine, therefore making it necessary to include supplements.
I'm really not fond of the idea of feeding supplements, are there any natural foods which will supply them with a complete diet?
I make my own home made raw, and yes I would agree that until they are 10-12 weeks old,they should only eat ground.

As far as I know they don't loose any nutrition from ginding, but they won't get the teeth cleaning benefit as there are no bones to chew. I do add raw egg yolk for extra B vitamins (very important as cats have a very high requirement for it), and a bit of taurine, just in case, other than that I weigh the bones, hearts, liver, and muscle meat to ensure they are getting the proper proportions. Now freezing may degrade the taurine and Vit B and that is why I add extra . And I add a bit of salt every couple of days for their iodine and wild salmon oil for their Vit E.
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