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OH MY GOSH. Yesterday when i came home from school my mom said "Get in the car" i said where are we going? She said oh it's a surprise. So we pull up in front of a flower store and i'm wondering what we're doing there. We get inside the store and the lady that owns it says the puppys are back here. We walk into the room and there are 3 of the most beautiful little cocker spaniel puppys you have ever seen. She said you can pick one out. So i look around and pet them all and all of a sudden this blackest than black female puppy that is very cute sniffs my shoe and starts to chew my shoe lace, i tell my mom that's the one. She is sooooo cute. She has a little white patch of fur on her chin. I'll be picking her up next friday. I can't wait! Sorry for writing so much.
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