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sometimes you dont have time to react, sometimes the animals dont even move, i've come accross pigeons, rabbits, and sometimes cats that wont move until your really close.

here people drive reaaally crazy, not like in canada, i mean you'd have to see it for yourself.

sometimes cats jump out on the road while someone is going 120+ KM/H and they dont have enough time to react wether it was their fault or not, accidents happen.

just yesterday i was driving and seen an orange and white adult cat squirming on the ground right next to the curb as if its arm was broken or something, and i didnt notice it till the last second.

also, theres a minimum and maximum speed limit. what if you cant go below a certain speed limit in an aread and an animal pops out? will you be held responsible? i hope not.

the owners were wrong to let the dog out, i mean its like letting a little kid go, they're just gonna wander.

if the driver wasnt paying attention, or failed to stay focused while driving, then they should each pay half.

but since the bumper was damaged and the dog died it indicates the driver was going fast.

if this was around their house, doesnt that mean they were in a neighbourhood? isnt there a speelimit in a neighbourhood? there is here, its 40KM/H. i doubt you could kill a dog going at 40 unless you ran over it.

i dont know, just speculating.
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