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Originally Posted by rjesak View Post
I think she's going to consider changing his diet.
That would be fantastic. At least she's considering it.

Originally Posted by rjesak View Post
As to testing his blood sugar, I'm not sure how she feels about that yet.
Totally understandable. Maybe in time, as she becomes comfortable with Jessie's treatment, she'll be more open to the idea. It can be a bit of a shock to the system to find out you have a diabetic cat and all of the aspects that go along with it, so it's actually quite natural for her not to jump whole hog into learning to home-test right away. But it truly is the most accurate and safest way to monitor Jessie's treatment. Here is one last link for you that maybe she could pass on to her vet to hopefully change her opinion that testing isn't necessary: Convert a Vet

Originally Posted by rjesak View Post
Eventually, she moved him over to Hill's diabetic cat kibble and took him off insulin.
The irony is that Hill's M/D was specifically developed to be lower in carbohydrates than most other dry foods, acknowledging the fact that it's the excess carbs that are the problem for cats. Except it doesn't go far enough (14% calories are from carbs, when cats need less than 5%) and it accomplishes this using lousy ingredients at an exhorbitant price. So while yes, a borderline diabetic that had previously been eating a very high carb kibble might benefit from a switch to M/D (or Purina DM, which is similar), enough to even go off of insulin in some cases, we can do much better!
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