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Do you think he will grow faster/better now that the goldfish are gone?
He could. Better water quality certainly tends to help with growth. I won't guarantee it though since there are a lot of factors that affect growth.

I will still add plants and he's got some nice caves and a big peice of driftwood to hang out on. Once the plants take root, could I add some community fish?
Keep in mind he may eat some of your plants. Plecos are after all mainly vegetarians. You can actually throw in some cucumber or zucchini (you will need to weigh it down so it sinks) and he will munch on it.
He should like the driftwood since most plecos tend to enjoy chewing on them periodically. They actually get some kind of nutrition or digestive help from it in the wild.

I don't see a problem with adding community fish as long as they're compatible with your setup (i.e. won't outgrow the tank, need same temp as the pleco, won't harrass him, etc.)
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