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Update: I was able to get a large dog crate this past weekend, and Gizzy seems to like it! He's using his litter box ok and I think he's missed his green bed. (I kept it in the bedroom so Forest wouldn't go near it until I could find a solution).

The only spraying has been on his bed, but it's his bed, so I don't care lol as long as it's not where I sit I'm happy! I'm not really sure when he did it though, cuz it was a faint smell, so I have no idea if it was done when he got the bedroom or if he only did it a little bit this weekend being in the crate and maybe Forest got too close while we were sleeping.

Anyways, I got him used to the crate by giving him treats when he was in it and he gets 2/3 of his meals in there. It's about 28" wide x 48" long and maybe 30" tall. I covered the top and side of the crate with a blanket, and the other side is against the wall. The door gets covered at night with a different blanket so there are no staring contests while we sleep.

I think I might get him one of these just for some added height and away from his water bowl that he manages to spill everyday lol and his bed gets moved around quite a bit somehow (maybe due to re-spraying)

The bf says he was dumb to spray his bed cuz now he's gonna smell like that all the time on his fur and then sit on our furniture and rub it off I tried explaining to him that if he does it on his bed in his "home" I don't think he will be tempted to do it on our stuff, but he doesn't wanna listen. And I don't think he will leave any "transfer". But correct me if I am wrong. Boys! Grr.

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