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Question as I have this issue with the anal glands. My dog did go to the vet and he extracted both. One was impacted and the other was infected as when she was scooting before I took her in I thought it was feces. It was blood to find out. He numbed them in hopes it would help and put a ointment in each one. He gave me the rube of ointment if I needed it for later in hopes what he had done would cure it. Well she's gotten a tad bit better over the past few days but, there is still that little bit of blood mark if she sits her bare bottom on the carpet or floor. Odor isnt as bad as it once was. However I need to apply this stuff again as he said it might need to be done again. I'm nervous about doing this myself I've extracted them before but never done anything like this. How do I know I've gotten the tube in the right place?
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