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It sounded nuts to me. I don't think Mom would euthanize Jessie (she's been a dog person her whole life but this cat picked her and she adores him) but I think she's hesitant to learn a lot of new stuff. Maybe I can make it into some kind of computer game - that she'll do for hours!

In any case, I had told her that maybe we could control the diabetes with food and she asked the vet about it. The vet said it wasn't necessary!! Right, so we can keep giving him the crap food that caused the condition in the first place and medicate (regardless of the fact that we have no idea how much we should actually be medicating) to try to correct the problem that food caused (and will continue to cause)! It sounds pretty insane spelled out like this too.

I'll print out this whole thread, I think, along with the info you pointed me to SCM, and see if I can convince her. Much as I don't want to (I'm the only one in the house with a full-time job and a two-hour commute each way on top of it), maybe I can learn all this and do it myself. I really hope I can convince her though...

Does that include a curve? A fructosamine? How does the vet plan to monitor whether the dose of insulin is appropriate or not? One single blood glucose test at the vet, when the cat is possibly experiencing stress-induced hyperglycemia, is useless in the big picture.
I'm not sure. She said they'd be taking Jessie in at 7 and he'd stay there all day so my guess was that they would be monitoring his blood sugar throughout the day.

Either way, it sounds like food is the first point to work with her on. Jessie won't like not having his kibble so she may have to spend some time working him over. Perhaps, if I can convince her changing his diet might change his condition, I can get her to consider it. I know my friend's cat no longer needed shots when they changed his diet (although she's actually not helping the case - they changed his diet to SD diabetic kibble).

You know I was raised by mom and I grew up letting cats in and out (even though one of our cats came back spray painted, one came back having fallen, or been thrown into, a vat of black crude oil, one came back with an abscess on his shoulder that was reopened no less than three times, etc.), and providing care for them, but mostly the easy kind - take them to the vet, maybe give them a pill. We certainly never spent that much time thinking about their care. Now I have nightmares about my cats getting out of the house. I worry about their food, their health, whether or not they're getting along... It's a whole different world and I sometimes wonder where I got it from!

Anyway, time to start printing. again!!
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