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My cats have been on a raw diet (nature's variety medallions) for around a month now, and aside from getting really bored with how un-stinky it is, (solved at least for now with a seasoning of freeze dried tripe) it's been great. Im convinced that it's partially responsible for buying my terminal cancer cat some extra time on this here plane.

However, I would like to introduce some whole raw food, if possible, and my cats both are crazy about pinkies.

I've done some rudimentary figuring, and came up with an estimate on how many pinkies I would need to feed a cat per day, but I wanted to bounce it off people here who keep their cats on an exclusively pink diet.

Both cats are indoor, of average to low activity, one is 8 lbs and the other is 13

After working on getting their meal portion size correct, my smaller cat gets around 3 medallions of nature's variety a day (3oz) and my larger one gets 4. I decided to use this as a round figure to start. The pinkies Im interested in are the large-sized pinkies which are around 3 grams. 1 oz is around 28 grams. (lets just round to thirty) = so 10 pinkies = 1oz, taking into consideration that this is a rough estimate.

So that would mean that my smaller cat would get around 30 pinkies per day and my other one 40.

However, I also dont know if the diet suggestion for raw medallions is comparable to a diet of whole mice, so I wanted to check with people here to see if my numbers check out, or if they feed their cats a different amount of pinkies.

Chances are, I won't be moving them exclusively to pinks, cause Im not bill gates, but I at least wanted to get some figures for *if* it were an exclusive diet, because then I can figure in the needed amount as a partial supplement for the raw ground meat. It's much easier on my brain to work backwards this way.

So yeah, any help on this would be great, especially since rodentpro is having a sale.
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