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Smile Rescued Dog Wont Play and has had no Socialization

We rescued a 3 year old beagle a year ago from the pound and he will not play at all.

We are trying to teach him to play fetch. We have really only tried to start this task.

We found an article talking about putting a treat in a tennis ball and play with them and run along side them with that after you throw it. He will chase the ball, but he doesn't even try to pick it up so we are no where near the bring it back stage.

Is this a good start or what. We give him a treat every time he goes after it and plays with the ball a little. We are trying to do the positive reinforcement and wondering if this is a good way of going.

The other issue we have is that this dog must never have been socialized as a puppy because he has issues around other dogs especially if my daughter is around.

So a friend and myself are going to start taking him to Pet's Smart or Pet Co for awhile without my daughter and try to start introducing him to other dogs on neutral territory. This is something she saw on It's Me or the Dog. Does anyone have any suggestion son either of these matters I would greatly appreciate the help?

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