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Re: Loss of bladder control

I hope Winnie is fine. My nearly 13 yr. old Sheltie has the same problem and would get so embarrassed. She would feel the wetness and jump up with her tail down. She too was treated with the Stilboestrol and is doing fine. Her dose was one for 5 days then one every 3rd day for several weeks then one once per week and it has worked very well. It happens to older females and I noticed it more when the Air Conditioning was on, dont know if that is related or not.
Also, I am vegetarian too, as are my dogs, so they take Recovery for joint health and arthritis. The Shark cartilage can cause allergic reaction. We were told the Flax oil in dogs does NOT work well; they would need a HUGE amount, so we do give them Omega 3.
Feel better soon Winnie!
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